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Skincare Technology

An advanced form of non-invasive skincare with added benefits of Magnetism, Far Infrared Rays and Anions

Natural Therapies

Natural therapies are often accused of playing a significant psychosomatic heal in healing

Blood Benefits

Magnetized blood can carry more oxygen to the cells; in other words, it can make more energy available to tissues and organs, which perform better as a result.

Hormone Regulation

Hormonal secretions can be regulated and even improved by the effects of magnetism because the capillaries surrounding the glands are part of the circulatory system, which has been shown to be affected by magnetism.

About Us

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Before and After

Here are some regular results from people over a 4 week period

Our Mission

Our Mission

SKINFLOW™ is a company whose foundations are the pinnacle of years of research and development in the tech and cosmetology sectors.  Our mission is to bring about the best technological devices that support non-invasive skin and healthcare products by investing in the latest technological advancements which offer measurable results in beauty, health, and overall care of the body, mind and soul.  

Client Testimonials

“I started seeing results in as little as 2 days. Even people that saw me regularly kept asking if I had work done.”
Natasha Kinski
“There's really nothing to it. Just hold it to you skin for for 20-30 sec and move on. I do it when I am watching TV at night.”
Sarah Saunder

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