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SKINFLOW™ is a company whose foundations are the pinnacle of years of research and development in both the tech and cosmetology sector.  Our mission is to bring about the best technological devices that support non invasive skin and healthcare products by investing in the latest technological advancements which offer measurable results in beauty, health, and overall care of the body, mind and soul.  
Meet the Team


Nigel Earle – Founder
Nigel is an all round entrepreneur whose knowledge of business worldwide spans over 6 decades.  Nigel believes that SKINFLOW is more than a product.  It’s a revolution
Azhar Khan
Azhar is a 2 times best selling Author, Speaker and Technology wizard who has produced  and worked with copies from Silicon Valley to Australia. Azhar has found SKINFLOW to be and inspired tool who technological essence is unsurpassed by anything on the market.
Paul Mitchell
Paul is involved in the operations and logistics for Skinflow. Making sure the magic of receiving your package on time wherever you are on the globe is executed with precision and perfection.



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